Wednesday, April 1st 2020, 7:30 p. m.
Bon Pasteur Historical Chapel
100 Sherbrooke Est, Montreal
Sherbrooke Metro


A program of vocal and instrumental works on the theme of love and its hopelessness: an aria and the cantata Su le sponde del Tebro for soprano and trumpet by Alessandro Scarlatti, a concerto by Torelli and a trio sonata by Gallo are brought together to describe the war of love, its commitments and its betrayals. A lively concert in which voice and trumpet will vie in their virtuosity.


War and love’s despair during the Italian Baroque, when voice vied with trumpet


Stephanie Manias, soprano
Duncan Campbell, trompette
Sallynee Amawat et Sari Tsuji, violons
Andrea Stewart, cello
Rona Nadler, harpsichord