Andrew McAnerney

I am honored to be the new Artistic Director of SMAM and am committed to maintaining and developing the incredible legacy of Christopher Jackson. SMAM will continue to produce varied seasons full of the best early music performed to the highest standards. Together with the talents of the SMAM family of musicians, collaborations with leading ensembles, and the support of our audiences and donors, we will ensure SMAM remains an institution in which Montréal, Québec and all of Canada can be proud. – Andrew McAnerney


Andrew was raised in the British choral tradition and studied music at the University of Oxford (Magdalen College). Since graduating, Andrew has enjoyed a varied musical career as a conductor, consort singer, soloist and arranger.

A former Tallis Scholar, Andrew has performed with many of the world’s finest early music ensembles and is credited on over 50 recordings including the music of Bach, Brumel, Clemens non Papa, Crequillon, Gombert, Handel, Lassus, Lotti, Morales, Moulu, Mozart, Palestrina, Phinot, Purcell and Rore. He has toured extensively, performing in 28 countries and taking part in many renowned Renaissance and Baroque music festivals.

Andrew is passionate about musical excellence and accessibility. He regularly prepares his own early music performance scores from original sources and is fascinated in presenting rediscovered works.

Interview; CBC /Meet Andrew McAnerney; The new director of Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal