Wednesday, December 12th 2018, 7:30 p. m.
Bon Pasteur Historical Chapel
100 Sherbrooke Est, Montreal
Sherbrooke Metro


Carols were not always simple Christmas songs. During the 15th century and into the 16th, England was becoming a nation, one that would found its own Church. The original carol was a uniquely English musical genre that bore witness to these developments. To lyrics on a wide variety of topics, the late medieval carol was sung by clerics and laity, men and women, professional and amateur musicians alike. With its blend of Latin and English lyrics, it foreshadowed England’s transition from Catholicism to Anglicanism and became a favourite of King Henry VIII. Ensemble Scholastica presents a selection of early English carols for the Yuletide season and beyond.


Agincourt Roll (Early 15th century) Abide, I hope it be the best / Deo gratias, Anglia
John Dunstaple (c. 1390-1453) I pray you alle
Ms. Egerton 3307 (Mid 15th century) Novus sol de virgine
Ms. Ritson (Early 15th century) Lullay, lullow
Ms. Ritson (Early 16th century) Mervel not, Joseph
Ms. Egerton 3307 Saint Thomas Honor We / Alleluia: a newe work
Cambridge U. Library (15th century) Nowel. Out of ye slep arise
Ms. de Henri VIII (Early 16th century) England be glad


Ensemble Scholastica 

Rebecca Bain, voice, viol, and direction
Elizabeth Ekholm, voice
Cynthia Gates, voice
Josée Lalonde, voice
Angèle Trudeau, voice and gothic-harp