Wednesday, October 3rd 2018, 7:30 p. m.
Bon Pasteur Historical Chapel
100 Sherbrooke Est, Montreal
Sherbrooke Metro


The Scots Musical Museum, the great song survey comprised of 600 popular songs—the forerunner of the Child Ballads collection of the late 19th century and the work of the Lomax family in the 20th century—was begun in 1787 at the end of the “Scottish Enlightenment.” While this concert of selections will at times feature a modern “trad” aesthetic, with the participation of some of Montreal’s finest Celtic musicians—David Gossage and Kate Bevan-Baker, along with Nils Brown, singing with guitar —, it will also reunite a historical instrument, the Kirkmann “Edinburgh 1772” harpsichord, rarely heard here, with some of the music that was first played on it. We will also present one of Canada’s most successful and musically adventurous sopranos, Donna Brown, in this unique and beautiful song repertoire.


James Johnson, Robert Burns, Stephen Clarke
Scots Musical Museum (1787-1803)


Donna Brown, soprano
Nils Brown, tenor
David Gossage, flute
Kate Bevan-Baker, violin
Dorothéa Ventura, harpsichord