Friday, November 29th 2019, 7:30 p. m.
Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste
309 Rachel Est Street , Montreal
Mont-Royal Station


Given its monumental dimensions, it is obvious that the Mass in B minor was not conceived for a specific liturgy. While borrowing several of its movements from previously written cantatas, it remains unbound—exceptional in Bach’s body of work and in the entire history of music. Composed in various stages by the Cantor of Leipzig over the last fifteen years of his life, this masterpiece—in which every emotion from suffering to triumph is expressed—represents his legacy in the field of sacred music. The SMAM and Arion Baroque Orchestra will join forces under the baton of Andrea Marcon, prestigious director of the Venice Baroque Orchestra.

Coproduction with Arion Orchestre Baroque

Part of Festival Bach Montréal

Listen the pre-concert conversation (Mathieu Lussier and Andrew McAnerney)


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Mass in B minor BWV 232


Guest soloists
Robin Johannsen, soprano
Hana Blažíková, soprano
Marie-Andrée Mathieu, alto
Richard Resch, tenor
José Antonio López, baritone

Choir and instruments

Andrea Marcon, guest conductor