Saturday, July 15th 2023 – 2 pm
Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-du-Lac
1 Rue Principale
Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, J0B 2M0


Many composers have paid poignant tributes to their predecessors, often on the occasion of their deaths. The Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal offers you some of these moving works, from the Renaissance and our own time, which express grief as well as admiration and gratitude. The program also includes Missa Doulce Mémoire by Cipriano de Rore. It was named after the love song on which it is based, but the title could just as easily evoke, for each of us, the memory of those loved ones who have counted, in whatever way, throughout our lives…


Johannes Ockeghem (v.1420-1497)
Deploration of Gilles Binchois’ death
Mort, tu as navré de ton dard / Miserere with 4 voices (années 1460)

Josquin des Prés (v.1450-1521)
Deploration of Johannes Ockeghem’ death
Nymphes des bois / Requiem æternam with 5 voices (1497; in Motetti a cinquo, libro I, Venise, 1508)

Benedictus Appenzeller (v.1480-v.1558)
Elegy to the memory of Josquin des Prés
Musæ Jovis with 4 voices (in Septième livre contenant vingt-quatre chansons a cinq et six parties, Anvers, 1545)

Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517)
Deploration in memory of Alexandre Agricola
Musica, quid Defles? with 4 voices (Symphoniæ iucundæ atque adeo breves, Wittemberg, 1538)

Hieronymus Vinders (actif 1510-1550)
Lamentation Josquin des Prés’ death
O mors inevitabilis with 7 voices (in Septième livre contenant vingt-quatre chansons à cinq et six parties, Anvers, 1545)

Cipriano de Rore (1516-1565)
Madrigal in memory of Adrian Willaert
Concordes adhibete animos Musæ with 4 voices(Il quinto libro de madrigali a cinque voci, Venise, 1566)

Andrea Gabrieli (1533-1585)
Madrigal on Adrian Willaert’ death
Sassi, palae, sabbion with 5 voices (Di Manoli Blessi il primo libro delle greghesche, Venise, 1564)


Stephanie Martin (1962-)
Four motets with 4 voices, in tribute to Healey Willan (Four Motets, Toronto, 2010)
Ave verum
Sicut cervus
O salutaris hostia
O sacrum convivium

Pierre Sandrin (v.1490-ap.1560)
Song Doulce mémoire with 4 voices (in Second livre contenant XXVII chansons nouvelles, Lyon, 1538)

Cipriano de Rore (1516-1565)
Missa Doulce Mémoire with 5 voices (in Liber missarum quatuor cum quinque et sex vocum, Venise, 1566)
Sanctus & Benedictus
Agnus Dei (with 6 voices)


Marie Magistry et Stephanie Manias, sopranos
Josée Lalonde, alto
Justin Jalea, Nathan Lelièvre, David Menzies, Michiel Schrey, tenors
John Giffen, François-Nicolas Guertin, William Kraushaar, basses