The Studio’s goal, since its inception, has been to reproduce the vitality, sensuality, and strength of conviction evident in every aspect of the music of the Renaissance and the Baroque. To that end, the Studio’s artistic approach has remained the same since the very beginning: the performance of early music, using the required number of artists to recreate its tempos and its vocal and instrumental colours, based on the best knowledge available.

Through the specific playing styles and sounds of period instruments, appropriate vocal techniques, clear choral polyphony, detailed phrasing and ornamentation, unified ensemble structures, and emotional expression, the Studio has been able to breathe new life into monuments of the repertoire and forgotten masterpieces, highlighting the early masters’ inventiveness. The Studio’s vast repertoire ranges from the a cappella polyphonies of Palestrina, Lassus, Victoria, and Tallis to major choral works by Bach, Monteverdi’s Vespers and Eighth Book of Madrigals to Purcell’s anthems and Handel’s Messiah, Venetian and Roman polychoral works to French grands motets.