Wednesday February 3rd, 2021 – 7:30 p.m.
Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur  
100, Sherbrooke East, Montreal
Sherbrooke Subway Station


“Petit motets” were described as such in France because they called for neither an orchestra nor a choir. Beginning in the 1640s, they were heard, sung by the finest voices, in all of the religious houses in the kingdom. Exquisitely refined, the genre maintained close ties with the sensuality of Italian art, as evidenced by the motets of French composers—by birth or by adoption—Dumont, DanielisLorenzani, and Lully, which are similar to those of their counterparts NaninoGiamberti, and Branca.


« Petits motets » by Dumont, DanielisLorenzani, and Lully


La Carambole

Anne-Marie Beaudette, Bronwyn Thies-Thompson, Jacqueline Woodley, sopranos
Odrée Martin, alto
Christophe Gauthier, harpsichord