Your generosity will help the Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal further its reach in the community and give the greatest possible number of music-lovers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of early vocal music, which the SMAM wants to make more accessible. In so doing, it can secure contracts for singers and instrumentalists, helping them gain experience and broaden their expertise, thereby further developing their art form.

Your donation can serve to make these projects a reality, in whole or in part:

Educational mediation for music fans and amateur musicians, showcasing 1 to 4 artists for an audience of 50 people.
Cost: $2,500

Video recordings of our concerts. A recording benefits around 200 people.
Cost: $5,000

Webcast of an intimate concert involving 5 artists, captivating an audience of 150 spectators.
Cost: $7,500

A contribution to the SMAM’s next album, featuring 12 musicians, which thousands of people will hear.
Cost: $15,000

Holding a special concert for the SMAM’s 50 th anniversary, reaching over 650 people.
Cost: Contact us

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Diane Leboeuf
Executive Director
514 861-2626

To find out more about our recognition and sponsorship plans, please contact us at
514 861-2626.