Sunday, April 21th , 2024 – 4 pm
Bourgie Hall
1339, Sherbrooke West
Montréal, H3G 1G2

Bus Bus : 24 – stop De la Montagne
Métro Stations Guy-Concordia, Peel or Lucien-L’Allier


On the eve of Earth Day, this concert is devoted to Nature, as it is evoked, notably, in The Song of Songs. In this love poem from The Bible, which has frequently been set to music, the lovers are compared to all our planet’s many beauties: lilies and roses, an apple tree in the middle of an orchard, gazelles and stags, the song of the dove, fig trees, pomegranate trees, and vines… While John Taverner’s Western Wind Mass is based on a popular song that speaks of the western wind and its “small rain,” Nutshimit, composed by Maurice-G. Du Berger to an unpublished text by Innu poet Joséphine Bacon, convinces us of the importance of the Innu’s ancestral territories, places of myths, memory, and identity.


Orlando di Lasso (v. 1532-1594)
Laudate Dominum omnes gentes

Jan Sweelinck (1562-1621)
Ecce nunc benedicite

Cipriano de Rore (v. 1515-1565)
Descendi in hortum meum

Nicolas Gombert (v. 1495-v. 1556)
Ego flos campi

Maurice-G du Berger (1987-)
Nutshimit – Première mondiale nouvelle commande en innu avec la poétesse Joséphine Bacon.

John Taverner (v. 1490-1545)
Western Wind Mass (avec des interpolations reconstituées de la chanson Westron



Andrew McAnerney, musical direction